Tisser Artisan Trust

Tisser Artisan Trust

social upliftment of rural clusters by skilling women and reviving handicrafts


The Indian handloom and crafts industries built and provided livelihoods for artisans in India. Tisser India aims to provide sustainable livelihoods, income generating opportunities, and access to professional support to rural artisans in India. Tisser works across the value chain in 100 clusters and supports 10000 artisans intensively. Through its professional support, innovative models, and technological solutions, Tisser has forged a diverse market for both the modern consumer and the rural artisan. Tisser has a network of more than 50,000 artisans, groups, and SHGs across South Asia. Working in more than 200 art forms, Tisser generates livelihoods for rural clusters in 18 states of India with more than 1,000 products made using traditional and cultural art forms.


Megha Phansalkar


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