Skilled Samaritan Foundation

Skilled Samaritan Foundation

Providing design training and market access to help women and girls from marginalised communities generate craft based steady income opportunities


Skilled Samaritan Foundation is on a mission to provide steady income opportunities to women and girls from marginalised communities across India, who do not have a formal education. They do this by recognising their existing craft skills and providing them with online tech-based design support via partnerships with design schools across the globe and market access via their online platform, to make sustainable products in the home, furniture and lifestyle space for the growing conscious buyer. They are now working with almost 180 women who are breaking barriers to lead a life of dignity and respect.


Gauri Malik

Gauri holds a Masters’ degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Warwick, is a triathlete and State Level Basketball player. In 2012 Gauri Malik founded Skilled Samaritan (SSF) in 2012 after she quit her job as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank. Her vision is to build Sirohi by Skilled Samaritan, as a micro-entrepreneurship platform to provide women who are skilled in crafts with tech-based design support and market access, for gainful employment so they can be financially independent and lead a life of dignity and respect. 


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