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SimplifAID is a deep tech start-up aiming to harness the power of data to impact the quality of lives of the urban poor and help cities graduate to inclusive and sustainable cities. SimplifAID is currently building a computer vision solution to measure the quality of services delivered by the cities at a granular level and automate performance assessment using real-time data.


Kowshik Ganesh

Mr. Kowshik Ganesh is a development consultant with experience in building data-driven scientific solutions to global development challenges. Kowshik has been working with a range of Governmental, Multilateral, Bilateral and Philanthropic clients in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Africa and USA.

Bharat K Kumar

Mr. Bharath Kumar, is an Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Expert. He carries experience in developing scalable products for organizations ranging from logistics to space technology. 


Assistive Technology
South India
Equal Cities Challenge

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