Reap Benefit

Reap Benefit

Inspiring Youth to become Action-based Citizen Champions


Reap Benefits focuses on the environment, building civic muscle and life skills in young Indians. It partners with govt and private schools and universities to work with youth (between 12-24 years) focusing on building skills of critical thinking and applied problem-solving, in the context of local civic and environmental issues.


Kuldeep Dantewadia

After a business administration degree, in 2009 Kuldeep went on the Jagriti Yatra, which started his journey in the social sector, first in waste management and then with the founding of Reap Benefits in 2011. Since then he has received recognition as an MIT GSW (Global Startup Weekend) Fellow, and Ashoka fellow, Forbes India 30 under 30 and an Unreasonable Institute fellow.


Civic Engagement
South India

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