Raised Lines Foundation

Raised Lines Foundation

Empowering visually impaired students with tech-enabled & accessible educational materials


Raised Lines Foundation empowers students with visual impairment to learn and pursue STEM subjects by providing affordable tactile diagrams and accessible educational materials. RLF employs cost effective thermoforming technique to develop tactile textbooks and reference books for STEM, learning manuals, storybooks, activity books, 3D kits and models for children with visual impairment. They also work closely with multiple stakeholders to convert and provide educational resources in accessible formats.



Lipika is an expert tactile designer and cofounder of Raised Lines Foundation. She has been leading content development, user validations and design training activities since the inception of the project. She has a bachelor's degree in computer science with a diploma in Special Education.

Kunal Kwatra

Kunal is cofounder of Raised Lines Foundation has been pivotal in the inception of the tactile diagram development project at IIT Delhi. He holds a bachelor's degreein IT and manages operations and interactions with key stakeholders.

Piyush Chanana

Piyush is cofounder of Raised Lines Foundation and the key person behind the success of SmartCane - that reached more than 75,000 users through 50+ partner organisations. He has 8+ years of experience in end-user engagement, organisations partnerships and team management. He has a PhD from IIT Delhi in Assistive technologies.

Pulkit Sapra

Pulkit is an IIT Delhi graduate and skilled product developer with 6 years of experience in the development of assistive technology solutions. He is the cofounder of Raised Lines Foundation and chief inventor of DotBook, India’s first Braille laptop. Prior to RLF, he worked as a senior researcher at Assistech Lab, IIT Delhi.


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