Land Conflict Watch

Land Conflict Watch

Mapping and analysing ongoing land and resources conflicts in India


Land Conflict Watch is a research-based data journalism initiative which has so compiled a database of more than 700 land conflicts which will be used to augment their database with deeper and expert-driven legal and economic analyses. This will help identify themes and trends at the intersection of laws, policies, economics and land conflicts.


Kumar Sambhav

A journalist for over a decade, Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava writes on issues at the intersection of public policy, business and social justice in India. He has received the National Award for Excellence in Journalism from the Press Council of India, the Young Journalist from the Developing World Award from the Thomson Foundation, the Global Shining Light Award from the Global Investigative Journalism Network and the Shriram Award for Excellence in Financial Journalism. Sambhav is currently Contributing Editor to Business Standard. In the past, he has worked for Scroll, Hindustan Times, Down To Earth and Times of India.

Ankur Paliwal

Ankur is an independent journalist who mostly writesstories at the intersection of science, society and social justice. He hasreported from India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Germany and the UnitedStates. He writes for Scientific American,Undark, Nautilus, GQ, PBS andseveral Indian news publications. He gravitates toward the stories of theneglected and marginalised. Ankur won the Next Generation of ScienceJournalists Award 2016 at the World Health Summit in Berlin. He currently livesin New Delhi.


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