Labhya Foundation

Labhya Foundation

Equipping children from low income backgrounds with social-emotional skills to become lifelong learners


Labhya enables children from low income households to cope with the negative effects of poverty & become lifelong learners through SEL interventions, at scale. Labhya has co-created & is ensuring the effective implementation of India’s first & world’s largest SEL programs namely ‘Happiness Curriculum’ & ‘Anandam Pathyacharya’ with Governments of Delhi & Uttarakhand respectively. Labhya impacts 2 million+ children across 2 states through their government partnerships and 500k+ children across 9 states through their partnerships with multilateral organisations & nonprofits.


Vedant Jain

Prior to joining the development sector, Vedant was the founding team member of a UK-based startup. Vedant’s passion to bring change stems out of his lived experience of adversity as a child. Vedant is the recipient of the prestigious Commonwealth Youth Award 2020.

Richa Gupta

Richa is a Harvard Ministerial Leadership Fellow & Harvard Equity & Inclusion fellow. She holds a degree in Education Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Richa has been recognised as a ‘Rising Talent 2020’ by Women’s Forum & ‘Best Entrepreneur 2019’ by Takeda Foundation. She sits on the Youth Advisory Board to UNICEF India.

Malika Taneja

Malika is currently a Program Manager at Nexus Incubator Hub, an U.S. Embassy and ACIR collaboration designed to support the Indian startup ecosystem. Malika is a Chartered Accountant by qualification & has been selected by the European Union & German Development Agency as Top 10 Indian Females supporting Entrepreneurs.


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