Enabling an agro-ecological farming model to improve farmer outcomes


Khetee promotes agro-ecological farming using the model of agroforestry which keeps prosperity of a farmer and the nature together at the center. They have developed a unique fellowship program for farmers and aspiring farmers to enable them to build agro-ecological model farms. Additionally, they also organize training program for farmers for their capacity building in regenerative farming. Khetee is striving for systemic transformation in the way agriculture is practiced, its relationship with the market and the policies that are made around it


Kumar Neeraj

Kumar Neeraj has a degree in law at the KSLU’s law school, Hubli. Prior to founding Khetee, Neeraj got into Kanthari in Thiruvananthapuram for a one-year leadership course in social change where he took up the opportunity to do a lot of field work, volunteer at farms, and learn about different agricultural practices.

Dharamjeet Kumar

Dharamjeet was born and brought up in a farmer’s family, where he has lived the difficulties of a small farmer’s family. He holds a Master's in Development studies from Azim Premji University.


North India
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