Gramhal Foundation

Gramhal Foundation

Using tech and data to enable 10 million farmers earn fair prices by 2025


Gramhal is building a hyperlocal digital platform, called LIST, that bridges information and network asymmetry and enables farmers to negotiate a fair price with buyers in the local ecosystem. LIST provides farmers – doorstep crop quality inspection service, personalized price information, and a connection with a pool of buyers. These bundled services build farmers' agency and enable them to earn a fair price.


Simeen Kaleem

Simeen Kaleem hails from Aligarh, a small town in U.P, and is passionate about promoting gender rights and developing local solutions that empower marginalised communities. Prior to joining Gramhal, Simeen was the country manager for the University of Chicago's research program in India. Simeen is a strong advocate of carving spaces for women leadership and was the Students' Union President at her graduate school. For her potential to bring about positive change, Simeen was awarded the Young India Fellowship. Simeen received her BSc from Miranda House and holds a Masters from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.


Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh

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