Fields of View

Fields of View

Making policy accessible and relevant to people


Affordable housing is a stated policy priority of the government, with the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana aiming to build 1 crore houses in urban India by 2022. However, because of the multi-dimensional nature of poverty, the impact of affordable housing policies on the urban poor is not well understood. Fields of View’s research will build a computational model that draws upon theories from complex adaptive social systems, development studies, and economics to drive a better design for affordable housing programmes.


Bharath M. Palavalli

BharathM. Palavalli researches and designs tools such as games and simulations to helpmake better public policy. For nurturing this innovative idea of designingtools and methods to allow different stakeholders to collaborate on creatingrelevant and usable policy, Bharath was elected to the prestigious Ashoka Fellowship in 2018. His current work focuseson policy design and planning in the context of developing countries.


Property Rights
South India
Research & Innovation Grant

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