Ekho Foundation

Ekho Foundation

Strengthening early childhood care & education in partnership with parents & Governments


Rocket Learning is an ed-tech NGO founded by alumni of IITs, IIMs, Harvard and reputed companies and NGOs, with the goal of catalysing early childhood education and community engagement in India. It links the government system with parents and communities, using technology, media and social influence techniques. Rocket Learning is partnering at scale with state governments and IAS officers in Maharashtra, Chandigarh and UP to impact 100,000+ children in 10,000+ schools and anganwadis.


Namya Mahajan

Prior to founding Ekho Foundation, Namya Led SEWA’s federation of 106 cooperatives in Gujarat, including childcare co-ops and advocacy. She is an alum of Harvard College and Harvard Business School. Namya has also spent time at McKinsey before leading SEWA’s cooperative federation in Gujarat, including SEWA’s advocacy work in childcare.

Utsav Kheria

An alum of St. Xavier’s, Kolkata and IIM Ahmedabad, Utsav founded EduBridge, a livelihoods social enterprise with a $7MM budget and 500 employee team, and grew it's vocational program and tech-enabled career counseling product. He has extensive operations, tech and management experience.

Azeez Gupta

An alum of IIT Delhi and Harvard Business School, Azeez has worked at McKinsey and a US-based ed-tech company. He played a leading role in Pratham’s work in ed-tech, government partnerships and early childhood education - where he led skills development and strategic initiatives at Pratham, managing a $8MM and 1200 employee team

Vishal Sunil

An alum of University of Rochester, Vishal was a co-founder and CTO of Kestrel, a US-based ag-tech AI company. He’s passionate about education and has extensive coding experience.


North India
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