DIY Toolkit for Community Led Development

DIY Toolkit for Community Led Development

empowering urban poor communities with technical assistance for self-led housing development


DIY Toolkit for Community-Led Development intends to provide critical technical assistance and ecosystem support to urban, state-recognised low-income communities in cities across multiple states. This toolkit aims to equip these communities to actively participate in imagining, planning, and designing their habitats through a co-production process. By successfully demonstrating the self development approach, the project aims to uplift community agency.


Sayali M

Sayali is a mission-driven social development practitioner with a strong focus on housing solutions for the urban poor as a means to alleviate urban poverty. She has over 4 years of experience in urban housing policy making and its implementation. Sayali is an alumnus of Ashoka University and Mumbai University where she studied Liberal Arts and Engineering respectively.

Rohit Lahoti

Founder of DIY Toolkit for community-led development, is an architect and an urban development practitioner. With more than 4 years of work experience, he is an alumnus of University College London and a recipient of Commonwealth Scholarship. Inclusive approach towards housing has been his passion, which he has been working towards persistently and in different capacities.


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