Anthill Creations

Anthill Creations

Making play accessible and affordable to all


Anthill Creations aims to bring back play to children by mobilizing communities to build lighter, quicker and cheaper playscapes by upcycling waste material like scrap tyres, cable drums and oil drums. Anthill brings in the much needed play into children's lives that eventually affects their overall growth and life. They believe that every child whether rich or poor should get an equal opportunity and access to play which is important for their holistic development.


Nancy Charaya

Nancy Charaya is an architect from IIT Kharagpur, TEDx speaker, Ex-Flipkart on a mission to bring back play to children.

Pooja Rai

Pooja Rai is an architect from IIT Kharagpur, TEDx Speaker, Jagriti Yatra Fellow and author of a book on women entrepreneurs, ‘The Road Not Taken’.


Pan India

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